Sunday, 23 June 2013

Destruction of the Maple

Destruction of the Maple

Mixed media on Watercolor paper

                                                                     Close up

Last summer was my summer of contentment.
I spent most of the summer at the cottage with my family.
I had endless lazy days of walking the beach,  playing in the water with the kids.
It gave me time to reflex and I found I had so much to be thankful for.
After spending countless hours on the beach I started to collect beach glass, interesting pieces of rusty metal, plastic, cans,driftwood, and pottery.

finally fall came.The urge to paint the leaves was so strong. This time I wanted to incorporate some of the waste that I found in the lake. Pollution is destroying our environment and we need to be careful.
of how it affects are trees,water and environment.
The pieces of rusty metal was perfect! It mimics the look of acid rain the fungus that are now affecting our trees.


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