Friday, 12 July 2013

Hanging Art Work

Hanging Art Work

How high should I hang a picture above my sofa?
Great question!  The ideal height to hang a picture is one of the most common inquiries we get from our clients.  The general rule of thumb is to hang your artwork so that the subject of the picture (usually in the middle) is centered to the eye level of the viewer.  Because people come in all different heights, shoot for about 5’8 as a good average.  That said, if the picture will be going in the living room in an area where people will be sitting, the ideal artwork height will be a bit lower than it would be in a foyer or hallway.

The size of the artwork should relate to its surroundings.
A small picture on a large empty wall will get lost, while a large picture will overwhelm a small wall. Pictures should be smaller than the furniture over which they hang above. For example, a large painting hanging over a tiny table will look unbalanced and top heavy. Your picture should hang between 4"-8" above the back of the table.

Picture Ideas

If you don’t have a picture large enough to hang over your furniture consider hanging pictures in groups.

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