Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Painted with Coffee-•Kali


African Women painted with Coffee
I have always liked the idea of recycled art. Or trying anything that is different or unique.
So when my husband made a really strong batch of coffee I decided to see if I could paint with it.
Like so many ideas once I decided to try it, it never comes off just like how you want it to.  I came across quite a few obstacles in which I had to be creative, one such problem was I found it difficult to get really dark colors. The first painting had very little color contrast and I was determine to create contrast in the next one. After that I made the coffee stronger, tried different brands, boiling the water out trying to make it more concentrated or leaving the coffee for a couple of days.  A heads up if you leave it too long it gets moldy.  I also had to do a lot of layering to create the really dark tones.

I wanted to make the painting more visually appealing especially since as the picture  was monochromatic. So I created texture using the salt technique. If you look around my initial you can see white spots this was created by using salt when the coffee was wet then leaving it to dry and dusting it off after.
In this picture the dark area around her head was created by putting plastic on the painting while it was wet then removing it once the coffee dried
This is one of the first painting I did before I managed to get the process down. As you can see there is very little contrast in the painting.
If you decide to try it please leave me a message and let me know how it turned out.

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